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Each of our menus, always composed of a few but excellent references at Km0, allows us to guarantee our guests a continuous rotation, and therefore maximum freshness, of raw materials of the highest quality and makes it absolutely essential to follow the course of the seasons. Occasionally, to our menu, are added also “Special” dishes prepared with ingredients available only for a limited period but which for their uniqueness deserve to be enhanced with culinary preparations that make them stand out.

We aim to help dispel the myth that Florentine and Tuscan cuisine is the prerogative of “carnivores” thanks to the teaching of our grandparents and great-grandparents, who tell us and told us how meat was a rarity on their tables instead of vegetables and legumes from the garden that were always available. Poor ingredients, with which, today as then, you can prepare delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, which unfortunately struggle to find space in modern restaurants.

Always in the name of tradition is also our choice of fish which in Florence, like everywhere else far from the coast, was almost exclusively coming from fresh waters such as rivers and lakes. This tradition has almost disappeared and, as such, is particularly dear to us, absolutely deserving to return to the light with cooking that does not distort the delicacy characteristics of the raw ingredient and with captivating presentations that enhance its aesthetics.

We are also very attentive to modern dietary needs, intolerances and allergies. In our menus you will always find delicious and never improvised dishes that know how to combine flavors and aromas of raw ingredients with the most varied restrictions related to them.

Even at lunch, the quality and type of dishes are the same as the dinner menu, but we would like to propose a more sustainable formula for our guests who come to visit us during their work break. We therefore propose an all-inclusive one made up of three choices of appetizers, first courses, main courses and desserts, with prices starting from 10 euros. Sweets for 3 euros.

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