Italia EnogastronomicaItalia Enogastronomica

Although our identity is strongly linked to our territory and to Florentine and Tuscan cuisine, we blindly believe that the biodiversity of our country is an invaluable resource and that, as such, it deserves to be valued at its best in catering as in other fields.

From this thought comes the idea of ​​organizing, on Sunday at lunchtime, Italia Enogastronomica. A series of recurring events that want to bring the flavors and aromas of other Italian regions to the attention of our guests. We will accompany our guests on tasting itineraries characterized by dishes, ingredients and wines strictly coming from each proposed area.

You will be accompanied on these paths by trusted friends, winegrowers and / or restaurateurs, who keep important secrets of their territory which will make you partakers in the atmosphere, so dear to us Italians, of a Sunday lunch with the family made of warmth and informality

Le Marche del Verdicchio - Dal Parco delle Gole di Frasassi alla Riviera del Conero
10 Marzo 2024

The last event of the 23/24 winter season about regional cuisines of Italy takes us decidedly towards the sea, a path that we will certainly soon return to travel during the hottest Sundays ahead. We will take you to the Jesi hills and along the slope that leads to Ancona and the entire surrounding coast. A territory that combines great gastronomic traditions with strong flavors with the art of cultivating that splendid and versatile native vine that is Verdicchio. We will be accompanied in this experience by Marika Socci, an enlightened and young producer from the winery of the same name, who will be able to answer all your curiosities with the passion that distinguishes her. Don't miss yet another opportunity for a real Marche Sunday, with unusual and curious traditional dishes, without leaving Florence.

Between Central and Southern Appenines - The Molise exists
28 Gennaio 2024

Our journey through Italian regional cuisines takes us, this time, to a little-known land, on the border between the Central and Southern Apennines, where the mountains slope gently towards the sea of ​​Termoli. Molise indeed, a land of great culinary and historical traditions, extremely good reasons for deserving our and your attention. Country cuisine goes hand in hand with coastal fish one for a combination that will give you a Sunday to remember based on unusual and curious dishes, and the usual relaxed and engaging atmosphere that has always characterized our themed events. The company and expertise of an enlightened producer like Claudio Cipressi, rightfully the spearhead of Molise oenology, will do the rest, giving you the opportunity to get to know the reality of his company and its splendid region more closely.

South West of Garda Lake
03 December 2023

From the vineyards that extend North to South along its perimeter and benefits from the influences of its waters, we will make you come across an area which, precisely because of its characteristics, represents a uniqueness of our peninsula: Lake Garda. The largest freshwater lake in Italy, along its eastern side which descends southwards to the Po Valley, is where some of the vineyards of the historic Fraccaroli company are located. A story, that of their family, closely linked to the tradition of the territory they represent, made up of typical dishes and convivial family moments interpreted by our way of cooking and our friendly and welcoming mannars that contribute into making our guests feel at home. This time too, at the presence of the producer, our Sunday lunch will take you to the rediscovery of Garda Veneto without leaving Florence.

Asti, Monferrato & the Langa
19 November 2023

This Italia Enogastronomica event also points North but changes the quadrant, pushing us West. We present a territory that, alongside other more famous ones, does not disfigure even a little; neither at landscape nor in terms of food and wine. Between Langhe and Monferrato, the Asti cuisine that we offer is still home-made, traditional and a little rustic but capable of giving nose and mouth an experience that will never be forgotten. Truffles, mushrooms, rice and red meats cooked by our chef Matteo Caccavo will take you to the middle of Piedmont without leaving Florence. The wines of the Crolin company, described by the producer, will surprise you with their elegance and drinkability and will perfectly accompany another Sunday lunch to rediscover our splendid Italy.

The Tuscan-Romagna Apennines and the Ravenna area
22 Ottobre 2023

Let's start again after the summer break with our "Italia Enogastronomica" themed Sundays heading not far from where we left off. In a tribute to a land that has always made gastronomy one of its strong points and which has suffered incalculable damage from recent natural events, we will guide you to rediscover the cuisine of the Ravenna and Apennines. As usual we offer a super traditional menu, a Sunday lunch between sea and land which, as always, will catapult you into Romagna without leaving Florence. An unusual and curious experience that includes the wines of the Tenuta Bulzaga in Brisighella. Native varieties only that produce excellent quality wine which, described by the producer, will be appreciated for the perfect pairing with the dishes cooked by our chef Matteo Caccavo.

The Colli bolognesi and city of Bologna
26 Marzo 2023

Who remembers a song by the Italian band Lunapop song “50 Special”? Well, that moped would take everyone around… Do you remember where? The new event in the Italia Enogastronomica series sets precisely over that territory, the hills of Bologna and the splendid city itself, close and distant to us at the same time. As usual we will take you there, without leaving Florence, but making you perceive the smells and taste the flavors of home cooking and the wines of our partner, which on this occasion will be Tenuta Bonzara di Monte San Pietro. A succulent Sunday lunch, where conviviality pairs super typical dishes along with less famous wines that have nothing to envy of better known labels and denominations, in Emilia as in every corner of our beautiful and unique Italy.

North Basilicata and Matera area
29 Gennaio 2023

The journey through Italian Food and Wine pushes us decidedly South and will feature the cuisine and wines of Basilicata del Vulture and Matera. An area rich in history, traditions, generosity and wonderful people and which was half the birthplace of our Chef Matteo Caccavo. As on other occasions we will present a truly traditional menu made up of less famous dishes but which truly reflect the local rural cuisine. The day will be enriched by important SlowFood products and the excellent wines of the D'Angelo winery, which for more than 150 years has carried the name of Lucanian oenology high in Italy and around the world. Stories and Food&Wine pairings await you in the convivial setting that distinguishes us, synonymous with relaxing family moments. It will be like being at lunch there, without leaving Florence

Rome and the South west of Lazio
04 Dicembre 2022

Our journey, rediscovering the regional cuisines of Italy, this time brings back to light a territory that has always been rich in history and traditions, not least those of wine and oil. Rome, with its eternal charm and its popular dishes, and the South-West, with the part most linked to agriculture, form a combination that could only become one. We will present you, as on any other occasion, our selection of traditional but always unusual and curious dishes that will make you spend a Capitoline Sunday without leaving Florence. On this occasion, our friends of “il Caffè del Cardinale” in Giulianello in the province of Latina collaborate with us in preparing the four hands menu. We will accompany every dish with the great wines of Marco Carpineti, narrated by the producer, historian and visionary, who will be able to make you appreciate the gastronomic pairing to the fullest.

East Liguria
16 ottobre 2022

Your trip with us this time will not take you far but, as always, it will be like being there without having to leave Florence. This Sunday the route between the Italian regions will stop in Liguria, and precisely in Sarzana, home of the historic IL MONTICELLO estate, owned by the Neri family for many years. As every time, traditional, unusual and curious dishes resulting by the ancient recipes of the Neri family await you and will catapult you into the hills of Lunigiana Ligure that surround the wonderful gulf of poets and that blend their traditions with those of the Tuscan counterpart

East Sicily and the Etna area
6 marzo 2022

Another experience not to be missed that will take you far away, with your mind and heart, but without physically moving from Florence. We will take you to the area of ​​the largest active European volcano, Etna and the province of Catania, a difficult land that knows how to give unique emotions, flavors and aromas. As usual, we will bring to your table a menu where stereotypes leave room for a more unusual and curious tradition. A choice of typical dishes that accompany traditional family Sundays. The Torre Mora winery, which we also thank for the help in choosing the menu, will present its delicious wines that will perfectly accompany lunch

Lombardia Sud-Est
17 ottobre 2021

We will let you discover another, less known, area of ​​our beautiful Italy by taking you there without leaving Florence. Mantova and its province will amaze you with traditional dishes and curious contemporaneity. All combined with the four excellent Lambrusco labels of the Bugno Martino Estate presented by the young owners Raffaella Merlin and Giuseppe Zavanella. An experience of a relaxed and informal Sunday lunch, along the lines of those that used to be, and still are, in the company of our families

Valle d'Aosta
26 gennaio 2020

An extreme territory of our peninsula is what we will let you discover without leaving Florence. The Aosta Valley will be able to offer you poor, traditional and authentic dishes, but rich in taste and history. The Cave Monaja winery, a small but interesting reality on the regional scene, will accompany us on this special day. A Sunday experience in a hut, shared with friends and family with all the informality that comes with it.